History of the Waco Aircraft Company

The history of Waco begin in 1919 after Clayton Bruckner and Elwood Junkin met “barnstorming” pilots Charley Meyers and George Weaver. Although their initial floatplane design failed, they went on to found the Waco company in 1920 and gained a reputation as producers of reliable, sturdy planes that were popular with businessmen, postal services, and explorers, especially after 1930 when the company began producing closed-cabin biplane models in addition to the open cockpit biplanes.

Because there were more Wacos registered than any other aircraft between the wars, the Waco name was well known in the US civil aircraft registry. They produced open cockpit biplanes and cabin biplanes, plus many experimental types.

During World War II, Waco produced over 600 of its UPF-7 open biplanes and 21 VKS-7F cabin biplanes for the Civilian Pilot Training Program.

In 1947, after an expected boom in aviation following World War II failed to develop, Waco ceased operations.

The Classic Aircraft Corporation of Lansing, Michigan, which is unrelated to the original Waco company, began building its WACO Classic YMF in 1986, a replica of Waco’s original type certified design.

Outer Banks Air Tour
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